• First Step TV Series: By 2009, Tharwa team in Washington, D.C. had enough videos and written reports from Syria to put together a 6-part TV series designed to call for a nonviolent revolution in the country, basing the arguments on the sentiments that the average Syrians themselves were expressing in their daily conversations. The series was titled “First Step,” and its basic argument was a nonviolent revolution in Syria was “possible and necessary,” because the regime has shown it is too oblivious to the plight of the average Syrian and too corrupt and inefficient to undertake the reforms needed to improve the prevailing living conditions in the country.
  • Tomorrow’s Children We envision a time where the innocents are supported and empowered, where families are strengthened, environment and tradition are preserved, and where development brings opportunity. In our endeavor to enable these processes, we plan to meet the innocents in their places of refuge, listen to their voices that have been muted by conflict, then authentically reproduce and amplify them because no child should be forgotten and every story must be heard.  (More on this project to come soon)