Bearing Witness to Syria’s Tragedies

Father Paolo Dall'Oglio and Oula Abdulhamid

Father Paolo Dall’Oglio and Oula Abdulhamid

One month ago, the Syrian government expelled Italian Jesuit priest  Paolo Dall’Oglio from the country he lived in for the past 30 years. His crime? Supporting the Syrian government’s opposition forces and speaking out against the violence of Bashar al-Assad’s regime. Seven months ago, Hadeel Kouki, a student studying law and English literature at Aleppo University, fled Syria after several stints in jail. Her crime? Protesting against Assad’s dictatorship.

My question to the panelists: 

What do you believe the International Community can do in Syria? What do you think about International Intervention? What do the Christian Youth ask the International Community for now in Syria after we have seen major attacks by Assad on Damascus and Aleppo? Fast-forward to (0:43:10) to hear Father Paolo and activist Hadeel opinions on International Intervention.

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